ECM 2018 Switzerland, 21.-24.06.18

  • Welcome to ECM 2018, 21. - 24. June 2018Early Birds will be expected from 20. June!
  • Location - Davos
  • Our target is to get 100 AC Cobras and GT-40 to Switzerland!
  • SwitzerlandAlpes and mountain pass roads!
  • Fluela
  • Stilfserjoch
  • Splügen
  • Passo Torri di Fraele
  • Total routesincl. Earkybirds
  • The organizors Thomas & Nadja

A cordial «Grüezi» from your organizer team Nadja & Thomas, we are very pleased to invite you to the 10th European Cobra Meeting. We are proud to have received this anniversary event in Switzerland, which takes place from 21st to 24th June 2018 in Davos. For the Early Birds we start with our program in the late afternoon of the 20th June.

We want to show you what Switzerland stands for, Swiss hospitality, great landscapes and nature as well as great mountain roads and good food. For us, Cobristis is, of course, the landscapes and mountain roads in the focus; They also dominate our program. So go for it without sightseeing and on the 2 main days almost 450 km over 11 passes and chase our Cobra over 13'700 heightmeters.

Our goal is to present 100 cars (AC Cobras and GT40) within this event.

On this page you can get information about this event and you can also register.

Thomas & Nadja
(Organizer team)

Poster with Text (Download ZIP [11’395 KB] )

Invitation & Booking

Invitation 31.05.17 Download [2’396 KB]
Cost & Booking 19.12.17 Download [53 KB]
Booking Form 29.08.17 We are fully booked

Event Information

Detailed Programm 18.06.18 Download [4’334 KB]
Roadbooks information 18.07.17 Download [62 KB]
Roadbooks, Maps, Navigation (files) 27.05.18 Download [8’747 KB]
Leaflet DAVOS Tourism 22.05.18 Download [2’504 KB]

Preliminary Booking Status

Number of registered cars 124
Registered countries Austria
  Czech Republic
  United Kingdom

Alternatives - Non diving Events

Monstein Brewery (max. 24 persons) 16
Clavadeleralp (max. 25 persons) 18


Lunch Schatzalp (no limits) 103
Number trailers 10
Parking garage (max. 62) 62

We sincerely thank our sponsors for supporting the event:

  • Cobra Club Nederland
  • Cobra IG Deutschland
  • Cobra Owner's Club Switzerland
  • Team Shelby Europe
  • Hotel Sunstar Davos